We Need a Hero

Andrew Houle| Michael Crockett| Mark Hoffman|David Leblanc
Greg Orfanos| Sean Randolph| Kurt Ankeny| Jess Semeraro

October 20 to November 20, 2016

Andrew Houle

We Need a Hero celebrates the fine art of illustration, with eight artists rooted in design and animation. Though there is borrowing from popular culture, distinctly unique visual languages are being explored here. Elements of folk and pop art, abstract expressionism and realism are cleverly interwoven into deeply personal reflections of our modern world.

Michael Crockett

Andrew Houle -While studying illustration, a love for oil painting co-existed throughout, leading to a split body of professional work  in comic books and as an exhibiting painter.  Houle has strived towards creating a personal narrative through his paintings connecting the viewer to their community. His work can be found throughout the country in private collections . Andrew is Creative Director for Tryptic Press and the lead promoter for Beverly Comic Con .

Michael Crockett-The line between comics and fine art has always been a wavy one for Michael. When he was young and realized he wanted to be an artist, inspiration was everywhere, especially in comics. It’s possible to say, Comics where his introduction to art. When he explores a drawing he looks into himself and tries to locate the cartoons, comics, Sunday funnies and other colorful styles that have inspired him through the years. “Faces” explores color and line in an expressive manner that allows for quick action to guide composition and form. This process allows him to work quickly and still give each piece its own unique profile and expression.

Mark Hoffmann is currently working as a freelance editorial illustrator, children's illustrator, and fine artist. He is also a professor at Montserrat College of Art in the illustration department. His work consists of a variety of mediums and conceptual aesthetics. The paintings are inherently western, but conceptually and superficially tied into cultural nuances from the early Americas to the current European illustration market. Breaking rules, he is trying to find a primitive process that hints at his references, working towards creating a naïve visual vocabulary.

Mark Hoffmann

David Leblanc

David Leblanc

David Leblanc-The stunning explosion of a palette largely composed of prime colors and bold, robust brushstrokes dressing a foundation collaged with comic books delve into the essential questions of the use of color, composition and balance of abstract expressionism and representational painting. I integrate tangible elements of pop art as the “under-painting” of these canvases. What are produced are spontaneous, layered pictures generating varied textures and depth giving rise to a sense of mystery, as the viewer sees only hints, excerpts of the underlying layers.

Sean T. Randolph is a Creative Writer, Book Artist, Illustrator and Musician living in Hollywood, CA.  As a former bike mechanic, he finds the act of problem solving by working with his hands rewarding and informative.  He combines his skills to create unique imagery we like to call 'graphic poetry' and for his clients' logos, advertising, tattoos, books and haircuts. 


Sean T. Randolph

Sean T. Randolph